Vermont Board of Nursing – Information & Contact Details

Vermont, officially and more profoundly known as The Green Mountain State, is one of the smallest and least populated states of nation.

Vermont Republic transformed into Vermont State on 4th march, 1791 when it heartily accepted and approved the US constitution.

Vermont is not well acknowledged for its business prospects, and economy is mainly based on revenues from Government, health care services and Durable Goods Manufacturing.

It has lowest GSP in all US states and Canada, followed by Taiwan, was major foreign contributing trader.

Health care services are one of top employers in state with Fletcher Allen Health Care leading in chart of all medical employers.

What is Vermont Board of Nursing and what are its responsibilities?

Though the state has lower income standards and falls far behind Texas, New York and California in various fields, it has managed to lead in health charts.

Vermont has been claiming the title of “Healthiest US State” from past 6 years in continuation.

Alcohol Consumption and aging population rise are major health problems.

Vermont Board of Nursing is looking forward to these problems and has approved various long term health care facilities in state.

Vermont is responsible for licensing of various nursing professionals in state and maintains the standards of certification examinations related to nursing field.

The board enforces various administrative and nursing laws and policies in state to ensure public health safety and welfare.

The board verifies and alerts public about working impostors and provides education as well as awareness about various nurse practice related issues.

Board revenues are generated from licensing and examination fees and these funds are used to promote nursing programs and healthcare services.

The board prepares annual health reports and manuals on various board operations, which are submitted to Department of Health Affairs in Vermont.

It reviews the proper working of Vermont Board of Nursing.

Who are the Current Members of Vermont Board of Nursing?

There are 10 current working members in Vermont Board of Nursing.

These are all appointed on variable working tenures by the Governor of the State.

Some of the Board members have been elected as board member for more than 10 years.

Members can be reappointed again reviewing and following their performance and devotion for promotion of health services in Vermont.

Here is a detailed list of various board members of Virginia Board of Nursing:

  • Deborah Swartz- (RN)
  • William G White Jr
  • Ellen W. Leff- (RN)
  • Kenneth W. Bush- (RN)
  • Sandra J. Norton- (LNA)
  • Donarae Metcalf- (LPN)
  • Alan Weiss
  • Jeanine Carr- (RN)
  • Deann Welch- (LPN)
  • John W. Todd- (APRN)

Important Names, Links and Statistics Relevant to Vermont State Board of Nursing:

Name: Vermont State Board of Nursing

Address: Office of Professional Regulation, National Life Building North F1.2, Montpelier, Vermont 05620-3402

Board Members: 10 members

Contact Number: 802-828-2396 (Phone) 802-828-2484 (FAX)