Indiana Board of Nursing – Information & Contact Details

Indiana, the Hoosier State, was the 19th state to be admitted in the union and gained its statehood in the late of the year 1816.

Though, the state is not among the largest states of the nation, but the state is one of the most populous regions of the nation.

Looking at the educational perspective, the state has some unique and excellent quality universities which are recognized all over the world.

The state has a large gap between the ratios of the old aged females to the old age males, but has comparatively lower percentage than the other states such as Idaho and California.

The state’s economy is based mainly on the manufacturing sector and holds the distinction as the home to the nation’s largest coal power plant.

The role of the Indiana Board of nursing cannot be overseen.

The board has played a crucial role in the development of one of the largest GDP contributors i.e. the Health care industry.

What is the Indiana Board of Nursing and what are the roles fulfilled by the board?

Indiana Board of Nursing is the administrative body, which has been given the job of promoting the public health service and welfare issues.

The board works under the Department of Health Care and Services in the Indiana State.

The Indiana Board Members are elected by the higher authorities of the state legislative assembly.

The rest of the board staff is appointed by the board members.

The major responsibilities of the board include:

  • Maintaining the record of the working medical professionals.
  • Maintaining the abuse record.
  • Licensing of the certified nursing applicants.
  • Approval and Denial of the application of the training programs
  • Reviewing the performance and maintaining the standards of service in the state.
  • Promoting the medical and remote healthcare facilities in the nation.
  • Acting on the abusive or misconduct complaints lodged in complaint registry.
  • Assisting in attaining self sufficiency in heath services.

Indiana Board of Nursing and Health Care System Development in the State

Indiana Board of Nursing has been consistently taking steps to upgrade and promote the health services in the state and last few years progress is the result of the valuable efforts made by the state board of nursing.

Indiana is renowned for its education programs and the nursing programs are also following the same footsteps.

The nursing programs have been providing high quality certified nursing assistants continuously.

They have raised the standards of service in the state.

Important Names, Links and Statistics Relevant to IBN:

Name: INDIANA BOARD OF NURSING/Professional Licensing Agency

Address: 402 W. Washington Street, Room W072, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

Board Members: 9 members

Contact Number: 317-234-2043 (Phone) 317-233-4236 (FAX)

Some Members:

  • Jerry Burghduff (President- LPN)
  • Constance McIntosh (Secretary- RN)
  • Anne Ogle (Consumer)
  • Natalie Hall (RN)