Boards of Nursing in the United States

The board of nursing of each state has been formed by their respective state government.

They control and manage nursing practice in their own state.

It’s their duty to ensure the safe practice of nursing by formulating standards and rules and issuing licenses to qualified nurses.

However, the structure and powers granted to each nursing board vary from state to state.

Due to this variation, the nurses are required to know about the nurse practice act and other nursing pre-requisites of the state they are working in.

U.S. Nursing Boards:

Here is the complete list of the nursing boards of all the states of the United States:

Duties of Boards of Nursing:

All boards of nursing have to report to a specific administrative body.

These bodies are:

  1. State’s governor
  2. State agency
  3. Both state’s governor and state agency
  4. Another official organization or state official

The main tasks and duties of all boards of nursing are mentioned below:

  1. Enforcement of the Nurse Practice Act
  2. Issuing the nurse licensure
  3. Develop and maintain standards for nursing practice
  4. Formulate rules, regulations and policies for all nurses in the state

Nurse Practice Act:

The “Nurse Practice Act” is a law that is enforced by each state nursing board in their respective states. All nurses are required to abide by its rules and regulations in order to continue validity of their licenses.

The nurse practice act includes the following:

  1. Prerequisites for licensure
  2. Various actions that can be taken against the nurse if he breaks any of the rules of nursing
  3. Titles of nursing that are permitted to be used
  4. It defines the scope of nursing practice, that is, what activities the nurses are allowed to perform

The National Council of State Boards of Nursing:

The NCSBN is a central organization that, in a way, coordinates and syncs all state boards of nursing.

Through the NCSBN, all matters that are of common interest are dealt for the benefit of all states.

It is responsible for maintaining uniformity in the structure of nursing throughout the country. The NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN examinations for licensure are also conducted by NCSBN.